Josef van Cann (su 125 reg del 1975)

Data: 19 / 06 / 2014

Good afternoon!

My name is Josef, i am from Germany area Cologne.
I was looking for tecnical documents, technical details, traffic-documents in copy for traffic approval for a:
Mondial 125 regolarita, building year ist 1975.
The bike has Sachs 6-speed engine, lafranconi silencer and aluminium rims.
Color is orange. white and black.
The bike is in good condition and i will bring it back to the (off)road again.
I already have some SWM, DKW, Herules-Bikes with Sachs engine.
Can You help me or give ma a contact to anyone who can send me some copies?
Best regards, thank You:
Josef van Cann, Wegberg Germany



Risposta F.B. Mondial:

We found this article about Mondial 125 regolarità. If someone else do have other materl, please write.

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