Record Special 50 di Klaas

Data: 10 / 06 / 2016

Klaas Mussche

Hello from Holland,
I own a Mondial Record but i don’t know exactly what year it is.
Can you find it out for me and maby you have some more information about this beauty?

Thank you very much!


Dear Klaas,
your bike, based (maybe) on the record special 1972/73 is very nice to look but not very original: fork, rear shock,absorbers, seat, fenders, headlights, footrestsand handlebar levers are not those of the original model and so the coloring and friezes.
Furthermore the number does not match any Mondial production.
The oval brand is not conform because must not have FB.
However it looks nice.
Best regards


Dear Staff of FBMondial,

Thanx for the feedback and for showing the Mondial on your website.
I know several parts are not original and i know they are hard to find but that’s the challenge… J
My dad gave the Mondial to me because he can’t do anything with it anymore after a heart attack a couple of years ago.
Unfortunatly the heart attack caused brain damage so he can’t remember anything of the restoration of the Mondial.
One thing i know for shure,i will never sell this beautiful Mondial and hopefully the next pics i’ll send you are from an origional one…
Thanx again,

Sorry about the situation of your father, we send you our best wishes for the bike restoration.
For any questions don’t exitate to write us.
Kind regards
The Staff