Peter Weiss (anno di un 125)

Data: 12 / 02 / 2014

Egregi signori,
scusi – no parlo italiano ( I am Austrian, I speak german, english, and french – please let me use my english):
I own a FB Mondial 125 quattrotempi model. I bought it here in Austria, in parts. Please could you kindly help me to find out the year of construction of my motorcycle. The numero of the telaio is: T 1050,  The numero on the motore is: 3359, it has 125 ccm.
I would be very grateful to get help from you.

Mille grazie,
Peter Weiss


the FB Mondial with this chassis number is from 1953-1954 and the engine is come from an FB Mondial 125 from 1954-1955.

In the original conditions, the engine and the chassis number must match and are the same.

But is not a problem, the kind of engine is the same during the years.

i can see in the photos that the front wheel is not original and the seat is not correct.

the object who take the plate number is original, nut it must be mounted more down and it leave more space for the original seat.

the shock absorber are not original.

if you need something ask me and i can search around!