Supermono 1992/93

Data: 14 / 05 / 2018



I am working on the restoration of this machine and would like to find the history of racing, ownership etc if you can help.
I have attached some photos.
Thanks in advance
Kind regards
Graham Austen


if imported from Japan, we know which is.
At present we can tell you that the engine was 612 cc (100 x 78)
and the carburetor was Keihin 41, HP over 60.
If you can wait sometime , we can search in archive for some documentation of that bike.
If you are interested, we send you the link for subscription to RIM,
It’d be very good for us to get a new member, Mondial  bike owner!
Thanks and kind regards
the staff
Thank you very much. I can wait as long as necessary for the information.
The bike has Keihin carb yes, hp measured on Dyno is 62bhp.